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Grounded in purpose yet open to the trail ahead, I sit comfortably among a forest of saguaros, with the sun hugging my back. I feel a warm invitation to settle into this timeless space, ready to dip my pen into the well of golden sunlight, as the page beckons me to tell my secrets.

It is here in the unfamiliar that inquires, what do you have to say today?

My thoughts come from a place as open as the desert land, as wild and natural as it is, unedited.

There it is, a sound, a call for my attention to go elsewhere, away from the presence of the last moment, moving me into the next, and the next. The buzzing sound of a bumble bee circling my knee blends into the sound of an airplane flying overhead, carrying me and its passengers to another place.

In a matter of minutes, I’ve traveled to many places. Letting my imagination wander is the hike.

Internal reflections bubble to the surface and burst upon the page. Perhaps you will see your own reflection in the rippled water of my words, but let’s not get caught up in the gathering of words.

Rather, let’s take in the colors and scents of our surroundings. Listen to the rain quench the dirt and inhale the chapparal bush in bloom. Give in to them, give in to the wild spaces within, let it all be our guide as we wander life’s trail to pen our stories.

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