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Nature provides a welcome invitation to come as we are, a place where we can go to let go, release our thoughts, and walk a little lighter. When we are able to slow down, unwind, and reconnect to the natural world we may discover what we may have lost, our true connection to self. In this regard, Nature is the therapist, meeting us at the core of who we are and where we are; listening, guiding, and supporting our deepest need to belong to something greater.

When we silence the noisy classroom within, Nature can be our greatest teacher, encouraging us to continue growing, evolving, and accepting the essence of our own true nature, a creative spirit full of wonder.

Many studies have shown that simply being among nature can improve our overall well- being. Being mindful in nature allows us to release stress of our daily routines and reconnect to simplicity and peace.

Studies have proven the many health benefits from experiencing nature immersion –
• Lowers Blood Pressure
• Lowers Cortisol Stress Levels
• Increases Natural Killer Cells that fight off disease

With today’s digital environment moving us at a record pace, it has become even
more important to reconnect with our natural environment. Because nature is a healing place that has a lot to teach us, there’s no greater time for us to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect to the natural world and to one another.

Nature immersion is an experiential practice that helps silence the chattering mind and explore the wonders of nature through curiosity and sensory immersion, further opening the channel of exploration into self-awareness.

As a Certified Nature therapy guide, I offer a safe space for each participant to have
their own experience to explore a deeper connection with nature. I have seen firsthand the positive and sometimes profound effects spending time in nature offers. We begin the practice by paying attention to opening each of our senses. This is a slow and deliberate process. Listening to the sounds near and far, noticing our breath and how it moves effortlessly, intertwined with the air that flows around us. We feel how the earth underneath our feet supports us as we stand embodied by all these elements. When we open our eyes, something has shifted in our perspective. There is a vibrancy, an enhanced awareness of our surroundings, bringing us more in tune with nature and our place in it.

The intention of this practice is to slow down and pay attention. By moving purposefully, we become more fully present in the moment and learn how to embody stillness. We are immersed in a new way of being, our world begins to expand beyond our thoughts.

We forget time, and the mind begins to quiet; this is connecting with nature, and with ourselves at a deeper level, without having to “do anything” or think our way through it.

The more we experience the natural world this way our sense of creativity expands too, imagination begins to play, and the child within explores freely. Slowly we begin to silence the distractions of the modern world and fully embrace a new way of being.

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