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Souvenirs podcast started out as an oral history project in the summer of 2022, when I became curious about the history of the guest ranch where I had been working for the past five years.  More so, I was interested in the volumes of photo albums they had in a library that dated back to the 1950’s. Who were these people in these photos and what was their story?

​The significance of the podcast title, Souvenirs, stems from a summer trip to France, where I discovered the meaning of the word Souvenir in French, is to remember. And of course, in English we know it as something kept as a reminder, something we collect from the places we visit. So isn’t it fitting that the stories we tell are actually something we give to the listener, a gift, a souvenir. “Our stories are like souvenirs from the heart.”

The stories we tell are timeless glimpses into the places we’ve explored and the people who have touched our lives. I love listening to people’s stories, whether it’s someone I’ve just met or a lifelong friend sharing childhood memories. This is how we connect with one another, through storytelling.

Souvenirs podcast is my way of honoring stories of everyday people and encouraging connection through storytelling.

Relying so much on our digital devices to guide us through our days, we’ve become so disconnected from each other and from ourselves. In sharing people’s stories, it is my hope that we return to our roots, by having real conversations that are based on listening and responding, rather than just adding more noise to the pool of mindless chatter.

May you find these podcast interviews inspiring and informative, and may they encourage you to share your own stories as a meaningful souvenir from your heart.

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