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Dear Storyteller,

Dear Storyteller,

I know you hold a treasure trove of memories, stories filled with laughter, and others you may find difficult to revisit. Within you lies a collection of timeless glimpses into the places you’ve explored and the people who’ve touched your life. You’ve lived a life of rich experiences.

I invite you to breathe life into those memories, to share them and give them a stage. Let your stories entertain and offer people a glimpse into the unique world you’ve called your own. And while no two stories are the same, they can echo familiar details of a certain time and place. Perhaps your journey intersects with mine in unexpected ways.

We all walk our own unique path, bringing diverse perspectives to life’s journey. So, when I get to hear your story, I’m able to walk in your shoes, if only for a mile. Ha! You see what I did there! 

If you’re thinking, “Nobody wants to hear my stories,” think again. Your stories give insight into your human experience. Even if the kiddos roll their eyes when listening to your tales, someday they’ll venture out on their own and draw upon those stories only you could tell. Storytelling bridges one generation to another, so don’t let your stories die with you, they deserve to live on as part of your legacy.

Think about it…Have you ever started a conversation with:

  “I remember when…” 

  “Oh, you wouldn’t believe…”

  “Let me tell you about the time…”

Then you have stories worth sharing!

Don’t you agree that we are missing true connection these days? Then let’s connect with one another through our shared experiences and meet each other on the pages of our stories. After all, it’s in the sharing of our stories that our roots of humanity intertwine.

This is my personal invitation for you to start honoring your life by sharing those stories that shaped you, taught you, challenged you, embraced you, and made you laugh. Come join us at Sage & Story Retreat, we’ll save you a seat by the campfire. We can’t wait to hear your stories!

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