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Suzi Minor A Poem of Wild Daisies

A Poem of Wild Daisies

I want to write a poem where every line makes you smile
Like wild daisies along the road catch the corner of your eye
I want my words to touch the center of your heart
Between the breaths of joy from an unexpected breeze
But in our longing for the familiar company of one another
The contagion of laughter has evaporated from the plains
We’ve become weary travelers seeking refuge from the wrath

of another impending storm


It is through all this fog of certainty that I must write to remind you

The sun doesn’t know how not to shine,
and the mountains never cower to the snow

There is no fretting found in the pasture of green where the horses graze

And amid these hazy days that cover us with doubt,
we’re still held within nature’s palm of peace


So please don’t be discouraged during these distant days between us
Seek a little solace in the words of our favorite song
Because it won’t be long until we’re sharing life again heart to heart
Sitting underneath the shade of an old tree forest while I read to you
A poem of wild daisies I gathered along the miles of days we spent apart

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