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This adventure began after publishing Nature’s Angels, my first children’s book, dedicated
to my four grandchildren. The story follows a grandparent and child as they wander
along through nature, admiring beauty and wonder in an imaginative way. It was my legacy gift, to inspire and encourage a new generation to appreciate the wonders of nature. This was the beginning of my legacy story.

The following year, my mother, whom I cared for the past several years passed away, my nest had become empty, my life of caregiving had come to an end. A time of transition for sure. This was the beginning of a new era for me, life as an unidentified fifty something. During the arduous process of clearing my mother’s home, it became clear to me that I didn’t want my children to have to go this process of going through a lifetime of my accumulated stuff. This was a pivotal point in becoming a faithful follower in the practice of Minimalism. Basically, adopting the mindset toward material possessions as to what is necessary and what brings value to my life. 

So in the summer of 2015, I sold my home and belongings, except what would fit into Bessie, my Jeep Grand Cherokee and headed 1,600 miles west. A bittersweet departure saying goodbye to family and friends and the town where I had raised my family for the past 27 years. Nashville, Tennessee was now in my rear view mirror. 

The first leg of this adventure landed me in Kelly, Wyoming where I worked at a dude ranch for the summer. Having let go of my corporate life and attire, I donned jeans and boots and felt right at home in the wide open spaces. This was just what I needed during this transition, to immerse myself into a life so far removed from what I was used to and allow myself to explore each day with curiosity and wonder. When the season ended in September, I headed toward  Arizona, the land of my origin. Making a few stops along the way in Idaho and Utah, Oh Zion you are so beautiful! 

I had no plan or agenda, I just knew that I needed to follow the sun to where my days would be filled with abundant sunshine. Having grown up in Phoenix, my dad used to take us on weekend road trips up to Sedona, these were the days before she was developed into the tourist trap of today. So when a writers workshop in Sedona came across my radar I decided to make that my next stop and visit my old friend dressed in red, he majesty Sedona. I ended up living in Sedona for two years, and entered a new profession in the Spa and Wellness world. This is where I was introduced to forest bathing aka nature therapy, a practice that deepened my connection to the natural world. 

My writing life continued, I mean how can it not, being surrounded by so much beauty. But you could say I replaced the pen with a hiking pole, guiding folks from from all across the globe throughout the red rock trails. While hiking the trails together I noticed the connections we make when we share our stories. To me, there’s no better way to get to know someone than to share the trail together. This experience opened a new path for me to combine my love of nature and writing. So, I began leading writing workshops to explore story and our connection to the natural world. 

Sedona and I eventually parted ways and I relocated to the little cowboy town of Wickenburg, Arizona where I worked at a historic guest ranch. It was during this time that my love of story led me to my next project, producing an oral history project about this historic guest ranch. However completing the project wasn’t enough, I felt these stories needed to be 
heard, so I decided to launch a podcast, Souvenirs: Timeless Tales of People, Places, and the Past, to honor and share these historical accounts. The podcast just wrapped its second season, featuring stories from Artists and Authors. 

Perhaps my thirst for story comes from having missed so many untold stories from family members who are no longer here to share them. That’s another story!

Of course the adventure never ends, well, that is until we come to the end of our own trail.
And that thought alone is my motivation to encourage you to consider your legacy trail,
whether you are considering a new path or simply want to bring your stories to life.

Maybe you’ve said someday I want to write a memoir, start a rock band, travel
aimlessly, or plant a garden. Now is your time to take the reins, that someday is today!

There comes a time as we approach the autumn of life, where the nest is empty, we contemplate purpose and meaning, and our outlook teeters between Life is Grand to Life is bland. We may feel an emptiness in this new season, while also feeling excited for the trail ahead. Let’s meet here on this trail of discovery.

So that’s my story; all these adventurous trails have led me here to create a space where deep listening and true connection can take place. A place to examine our life stories, take hold of the pen and write our next chapter.

What’s your story…I can’t wait to hear it!

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