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Do you have a pocket
full of ideas...

but can’t seem to follow through with any of them?

Have you wished for an accountability partner to support you along the way? Well, wish no more, here I am! By incorporating intuitive listening with practical action, you’ll receive insightful guidance and encouragement that will serve as guideposts and motivation in pursuing your goals.

I know what it’s like to be a dream chaser and it’s so much easier to have a supportive partner by your side in the chase. Especially when you’re feeling self-doubt or aren’t sure of your next step. Each session is designed to help identify any stumbling blocks, establish benchmarks, and provide you clear direction to move forward.

No idea is too big or too small. So, tell procrastination to hit the road, and let’s get started on bringing your ideas to life!

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Maybe you don’t need an accountability partner, but you could use a sounding board to talk through your ideas or simply clear your mind.

As an empathetic listener, I’ve helped clients and colleagues distill their internal chatter by providing a non-judgmental listening space. Through active intuitive listening you’ll receive undivided attention and reflection.

Each listening session provides a safe quiet space for you to speak what’s on your mind, release the negative self-talk, and gain a lighter outlook.

If you’re feeling caught in a narrative loop that’s keeping you stuck or simply need a listening ear, consider booking a listening session today. 

I’m here for you…ready to Listen!

A place to share what’s on your mind

A place for release and clarity

A place to speak from your heart

A place to discover the answers on your own

A place to feel heard

Listening Session

One 15-minute session
  • Each 15-minute listening session provides you the space to clear what's on your mind. You talk and I listen. 

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Accountability Session

One 30-minute session
  • Each 30-minute accountability session will help you create a practical action plan to reach your goal.

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Accountability Package

Four 30-minute sessions
  • Four 30-minute weekly accountability sessions to help you clarify your goal and create a practical action plan.

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